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28 Morriggia Place,
Bayview 0629,
Auckland, New Zealand.

E info@childandfamilycounselling.co.nz
Ph (09) 908 7974 Mob 022 155 0149

The  costs

Service Cost Time

Counselling Session

$120.00 1 hr
Parent Meeting $120.00 Max. 1 ½ hrs
Collegial Consult $120.00 per hr
Observations, incl. report $200.00 1 ½ hrs
Travel costs $60.00 per hr
Reports for agencies $60.00

Please note

Where cost is an issue, please contact me to discuss options. Therapy reports, for the family’s use only, are included free.

Confidentiality & Referrals


I will only discuss children with other professionals after parents/legal guardians have given their written consent. In all other cases, you are welcome to discuss a child anonymously.


A referral is not necessary. Parents, or a legal guardian, may get in touch to make an appointment or discuss their options.

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