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What I do differently

In 2018 I completed a Masters in Autism Studies at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia. I specialized in anxiety, emotion regulation, social skills and overall best practice in supporting youth with ASD. I also have a lot of practical experience. Parents mostly look for help with related issues, such as anxiety, fears, social problems, sensory issues and emotional regulation.

How counselling is different

Counselling for children with ASD is often more about teaching strategies, practicing skills and offering direct learning experiences. Sessions are usually more structured and if needed I use rewards and time charts.

Getting  Involved

Children with ASD are not helped with one hour a week counselling only. Children need to practice new skills in their everyday environment and we need to create positive experiences for and with them. Parents and important others, such as teachers, siblings, family members and support workers, are usually actively involved in the counselling process.

I can be involved in IEP meetings, other school support, and connecting the child and the family to other agencies and support organisation.

Research & Resources

Due to my work with the Children’s Autism Foundation I have knowledge and contact with a wide range of services and resources. For a sample of useful links and other resources, please visit the Resources page.

I have also recently finished a post graduate Certificate in Autism Studies at Griffith University in Brisbane, and I am continuing with the Masters programme in Autism Studies.